After several years of testing, we have launched our website and online business!

We know it takes time to build and develop a brand so we have a relatively limited inventory on hand. This is by design as we want to get your feedback on what works and doesn’t work before taking the next step forward.

Our mindset is that we want to continuously evolve and increase our product selection and design.

Thank you for your invaluable feedback and support!


Much like the Kunetics logo itself, our philosophy on Made in the USA has evolved over time.  During Kunetics early days as we were trying to prove our concept, we looked at many overseas manufacturers from China to Pakistan.  They were of course cheaper than making in America.  Many of their products worked well, too.  However, we found that the quality and reliability was not even close to dependable.  Perhaps if we were a large apparel retailer, we could get better more consistent service, but the overseas model simply didn’t work for us.

Fortunately, we discovered a great fabric, sewing and packaging partner here in America.  They have worked through the development cycle with us in a methodical fashion to ensure that our end products are exactly to specification.  While it certainly costs us more to manufacture here in America, it is 100% worth it.  

As the son of a plant manager, Mike grew up appreciating high quality Made in the USA products.  It is very satisfying to continue this family tradition with Kunetics.

Scott Running over the Snow