Our Team

Mike Carpenter Kunetics Founder



Mike Carpenter is the founder and President.  He guides the overall strategic direction of Kunetics.



Brand Ambassador

Nate Ryan and MassBJJ – Nate Ryan and Mike have been best friends since elementary school.  Currently, Nate is the owner of MassBJJ (www.massbjj.com) with gyms in both Acton and Arlington, MA.  Nate has supported Kunetics by allowing students to test and give feedback on Kunetics gear since the company’s inception.

Lays Carpenter


Brand Ambassador

Lays Carpenter is Mike’s wife and acts as a Kunetics brand ambassador.  She promotes Kunetics in a wide variety of forums both on and offline.



Brand Ambassador

Scott Gorgone – Scott Gorgone is the jack of all trades for Kunetics.  Not only is he a sponsored athlete, but also Scott is the male model featured in many of the catalog shots as well as a brand ambassador.  

Walter Hawkes black belt



Walter Hawkes – Walter manages the Kunetics website and is the owner of Boston Image Works.  Nate and Walter trained together and each got their black belt under Roberto Maia.

Jiu-jitsu is a big part of Kunetics culture as Nate Ryan (black belt), Walter Hawkes (black belt), Scott Gorgone (brown belt), and Mike Carpenter (blue belt) all actively train, compete or coach the sport.  While jiu-jitsu is clearly one of our collective passions, Kunetics apparel works great for many sports including surfing, CrossFit and yoga to name a few.