Our Story & Values

In search of a greener, cleaner, tougher line of athletic clothing, Mike Carpenter founded Kunetics in 2011. Working with several lifelong friends, Mike conducted a rigorous product development process over several years which included having several UFC veterans train and compete in Kunetics gear. This iterative process enabled the Kunetics team to refine the design, fit, and material so that you can enjoy a clean change of clothes that’s proudly made in the USA.

Kunetics aspires to become a leader in high end Made in the USA athletic apparel for individuals as well as the go-to source for mass customized athletic apparel for gym owners.  Here is how we plan to accomplish this.

We make our products in the USA.  In the beginning we tested several overseas suppliers.  While it was cheaper to manufacture overseas, the quality and consistency was not up to par.  We found a great manufacturing partner here in the USA and could not be happier.

We do not use distributors.  Eliminating distributors enables us to charge competitive prices for our Made in the USA products.  It also enables gym owners to buy customized apparel close to non-customized apparel prices.

We cross over to many sports:  We tested Kunetics apparel with wresting and jiu-jitsu because if our apparel works there, then it can stand up to just about any athletic endeavor.  

We are family and kid friendly:  Our logo gives a positive and welcoming vibe that is suitable for many sports and athletes of all ages.  By design, we are about inclusion and transformation, not violence or exclusivity.

The end result for individuals and gym owners is that you know you are getting a durable, well-tested and reliable product that is Made in the USA.